IKON international Global Trade Experts
Our company is an international expert in providing innovative approach to trade and export development, mentoring and export training to companies worldwide. Through import ex


Prepare your company for the global stage.

Areas of Expertise


Training services

  • Onsite and offsite Export training for SMEs across globe
  • Tangible export strategy action plan development
  • Practical implementation of exclusive export techniques and tools
  • Export strategy development workshops
  • Mentor programmes

Import and export services

  • Empowering team with export and import knowledge and skills
  • Preparation of import export strategies for companies
  • Reviewing export pricing and prioritising market offerings
  • Finding the right business partners
  • Market visits and contract conclusion

company analysis & strategy

  • Industry overview and analysis
  • Implementing an innovative 7 stage approach
  • Identifying size of opportunity
  • Identifying demand levels and specific targets
  • Identifying emerging gaps in the market place

market visits

  • Finding partners and routes to target specific market segments
  • Preparation to market visits and setting up meetings with potential buyers
  • Meetings set-up with relevant trade show participants and selected market players
  • Mastering sales during and after the fairs
  • Assistance during negotiations with potential partners

export market research

  • Business development reports
  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Delivering knowledge exchange programmes
  • The methods we use include: desk research, in-depth interviews, phone / F2F interviews, store checks etc.
  • Conduct analysis of the research collected and provide recommendations in various types of market research in b2b and b2c sectors

Channels development

  • Finding partners and routes to target specific market segments
  • Reach new markets with channel partners
  • Review and improvement of existing channel distribution model
  • Nurture your partnerships and build loyalty
  • Sales cycle management

Supply Chain Support

  • Supply chain management and integrated business planning solutions
  • Compliance and supply chain audits, assessments and revisions of business process
  • Reviewing and revising trade data management activities to increase automation
  • Identification of supplier across the globe
  • Assistance during negotiations with potential suppliers

exit strategy

  • The termination of significant contracts or other business relationships
  • Transition the ownership of a company
  • Mergers and acquisitions companies

financial instruments

  • Access to finance, funding and additional resources to support access to international markets.
  • Upon request review of current accounts with professional account and further recommendations