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Why Export to Belgium

Belgium is a compact and diverse market, sitting on the cultural and linguistic border of Germanic and Latin Europe.  It is composed of the francophone Wallonia region to the south, the Dutch speaking Flanders region in the north, and the bilingual capital region of Brussels.  There is also a small enclave of German speakers.  This diversity makes it an ideal market for many exporters to test their products before expanding distribution throughout Europe. 

In short, Belgium’s central location in the wealthiest region of Europe makes it an ideal gateway for exports to Europe. Within a radius of 300 miles, 140 million EU consumers can be reached representing 60% of Europe’s purchasing power.

Low energy prices and interest rates, and a favourable euro/dollar exchange rate continue to stimulate economic growth and fuel exports, especially given Belgium’s unique position as a logistical hub and gateway to Europe.  

Exporters can penetrate the Belgian market through importers/distributors, wholesalers or specialised retailers, depending on their products and their company size.  Exporters will have to focus on innovation, quality and competitive pricing to successfully enter this market. 

Nataliia Hinde