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Market Research Brief

High value research depends on the market research brief. The brief is important to the researcher: it educates and influences the choice of method. It gives the objective to which the project is geared.

Once you have clarified what you want to know you need to scope this out in a brief that gives clear direction. Using ‘who, what, why, where and when’ as a starting point is always a good way to ensure you are covering all the relevant details:

·       Who is this research for?

·       Who are to be contacted?

·       What is to be researched?

·       Why are you conducting the research? Are you looking to get further insight, to gain information, to inform strategy? 

·       Where will the research be conducted and how? Which channels are you considering using: online surveys, telephone, face to face, focus group or a combination of all or some?

·       When will the research be conducted? What is your anticipated timeline, when do you anticipate the research to commence, have you a deadline for when it is to be completed by?

·       Other considerations are budget, if you are able to give an indication then this will help your researcher tailor your project and deliver results within monetary constraints.

Communication is key when agreeing the boundaries of the research project and although delivering a comprehensive brief is a great starting point remember to be open to suggestions, to get the best of the researcher’s knowledge, or indeed bring them in to discuss the preliminary brief, so they can bring their experience to the table and help you finalise arrangements.

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Nataliia Hinde