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Questionnaire Vs Survey

Key Differences Between Survey and Questionnaire

The difference between survey and questionnaire can be drawn clearly on the following grounds:

  1. The term survey, means the collection, recording, and analysis of information on a particular subject, an area or people’s group. Questionnaire implies a form containing a series of ready-made questions, delivered to people for to obtain statistical information.
  2. The survey is a process of collecting and analysing data, from the population. On the contrary, the questionnaire is an instrument used in the acquiring data.
  3. The survey is a time-consuming process, whereas questionnaire is the least time-consuming method of data acquisition.
  4. The survey is conducted while questionnaire is delivered, distributed or mailed to the respondents.
  5. In a survey, the questions asked in the survey can be open ended or closed ended, which depends on the topic, for which the survey is carried on. On the other hand, in the questionnaire the may include close ended questions only.
  6. The answer provided by the respondents during the survey can either be subjective or objective depending on the question. In contrast, the respondents provide objective answers to the questionnaire.
Nataliia Hinde