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Importance of Training and Development for SMEs

In today’s competitive business environment, the capabilities and skills of employees are fundamental requirements for continuous productivity, innovation and success in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

According to John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems: 'Speed of change is on steroids, what used to happen in 10 to 15 years now happens in three to five.’ Therefore, it is vital for SMEs to have access to training programmes that educate them and their staff on how they can improve their business and successfully run their companies up-to-date.

Within this rapidly changing scenario, exporters in developing countries seeking international markets are limited by a number of challenges.  Support services provided by national agencies, both public and private, often go unnoticed or remain underutilised. The result is that these exporters often find it difficult to export successfully and consistently. Most adopt a traditional, product-focused approach, receiving an order, fulfilling it and then closing the sale. This approach may work in the short term, but too often leaves the exporter at the mercy of price competition with little room for differentiation. On this basis, even when an exporter succeeds at market entry, it is unable to maintain a long-term presence.

IKON International aids exporters to become more competitive and provides opportunities to participate in global value chains. To be competitive, SME exporters need a coherent, forward-looking business strategy and must improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the reputation of their products. The result is that small enterprises are better prepared to enter international markets.

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Nataliia Hinde