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Exhibition + Preparation = SUCCESS!

Every exhibition you attend requires planning and it is vital that you maximise every opportunity available to you. The more planning that you do, the more you will get out of the exhibition.

Planning ahead of the exhibition should include contacting prospects and customers prior to the exhibition starting. Any email or direct mailing you send should focus on what you will be doing at the exhibition, launching a new product for example. Your diary has to be full with appointments before you go to exhibition.

Even if you have great stand at the best location, but your staff is not fully trained and active at the event and they are not sure what they are doing it can all fall apart. Your employees on the stand are your brand and they need to be well prepared.

Above just some important elements of planning, which consume time and effort to prepare. At the whole, it is big project, but it is vital for the success of any exhibition and it will actually make your job easier once the exhibition is in full flow.

Nataliia Hinde